New Zealand General Real Estate Limited is a well-established multinational corporation, which has been registered and operating in New Zealand for over six years.

The company is committed to bringing value to the development of cities and local communities. With leading engineering and design consultancy Harrison & Grierson as our long term partner,  New Zealand General Real Estate Limited prides itself in providing outstanding design and development concepts to our customers.

It is committed to the principle of being people oriented and delivering uncompromised quality. It builds homes and creates new communities that reflect the values of Auckland’s traditional neighbourhoods with beautiful surroundings.

Waterlily Garden is the first large scale residential development project of New Zealand Real Estate Limited. From conceptualisation to commencement of construction, the company has already devoted five years to the project, which is outstanding in design and layout, quality of materials, colour coordination, and garden decoration.

It will foster a sense of belonging for residents and contribute to better living in the Hobsonville community. We will also continue to provide over 100 homes in the community within the next five years.


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