• One of the most exciting new Auckland Council Recreational Projects in planning is the new sustainable sports park which will be located on a 16.4 hectare block of land only a few hundred meters to the South of Waterlily Gardens. With Stage I offering a range of new sports facilities and future Stage II plans focusing on natural planted areas and walkways, this expansive new park will be an enormous addition to the recreation amenity of the area. To learn more, please click here - www.scott_point_sustainable_sports_park 


  • A very popular place for local families to visit is Hobsonville Point Park. Only a short walk from Waterlily Gardens, this lovely greenspace consists of a fun playground for kids, open grassed areas and a shady esplanade under a row of mature Liquidambar trees. When refreshments are needed the neighbouring Catalina Cafe is the perfect place to grab an ice cream, coffee or a relaxed sit-down lunch. 


  • Te Onekiritea Park (Bomb Point) is a lovely open 11.2 hectare piece of peninsula land which juts out to the harbour edge at the Eastern edge of Hobsonville Point. The name ‘Bomb Point’ derives from the military history of this land and the old munitions bunkers left over from when this was an RNZAF Airforce Base are still visible from the coastal walkway. Residents of Waterlily Gardens can easily access this stunning walkway by heading towards Bomb Point Drive and turning right. Keep walking and this coastal loop will also lead you to Catalina Bay Hospitality Precinct. 


There are still more parks and playgrounds to discover around Waterlily Gardens @ Hobsonville. Check out some more information here - 




Do you prefer the black sand of Auckland’s famous West Coast surf beaches, or the white sand of the beaches bordering the Waitemata Harbour to the East? A big surf-break, or something a little more sedate? Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, or a family seeking a quieter beach for a picnic and some play, West Auckland has every option available. Decide on your destination, pack the chilli-bin & sun screen and within 30-mins to the West or the North you will be arriving at a gorgeous coastal destination.