Bus Services: 


AT (Auckland Transport) runs two bus service routes into and out of Hobsonville Point. The route runs along Hobsonville Point Road to the Catalina Bay Ferry Terminal. For the most up to date information on service dates & times, go to – 


The Hobsonville Point Webpage also has some useful information about everything transport, which can be accessed at – 


Ferry Services: 


Hobsonville Point residents are very fortunate to have two City Ferry Service options available to them. One operates from Hobsonville Marina. This is a Belaire Ferries direct service from the Downtown Ferry Terminal to Clearwater Cove in West Harbour. It operates Monday - Friday and the timetable for this service can be found here. The other service operates from Catalina Bay in Hobsonville Point. This is a Fullers service which runs Mon-Fri, plus provides 13-weekend sailings between Hobsonville Point and the Auckland CBD waterfront. This service also connects to the Beach Haven Wharf. For information on sailing dates and times, please go to - 


Private transportation: 


For those who prefer to use private transport, Waterlily Gardens is well positioned for access to motorway connections to North & Central. 

A very short trip across Hobsonville Point connects people to the Squadron Drive Interchange, from where Albany is only a 10-minute drive away. 

For those needing to commute in a central direction, or to the CBD, the Brigham Creek Road Interchange is only minutes away, just to the West of Hobsonville Village, along Hobsonville Road. 



Hobsonville Point is quite unique in that it has a fantastic website that is loaded with useful information for local residents and visitors to the area. To learn everting you want to know about this exciting new community (including transport information) just jump onto their website at